New York and Relocation Trends w/ Esther Reizes-Lowenbein

New York and Relocation Trends w/ Esther Reizes-Lowenbein

One silver lining from the COVID pandemic is that both families and companies were forced to explore new ways to innovate and become far more efficient than they have in the past. Unimportant meetings became the emails they should have been in the first place. Commutes went away for most of the US. Eventually, after a couple quarters of this, companies all over the country last year were taking a good long look at all the overhead that they were getting along just fine without, but was once deemed critical expenses.

My guest today examines the current migration of families and companies out of New York City. We discuss what’s behind it, what it looks like, and what’s ahead. Esther Reizes-Lowebein is a real estate expert in the New York area, but also operates in commercial investment real estate nationally.

Key Points:

How Esther got her start (0:32)

The joy and benefits of learning (2:57)

Who is moving out of New York City and where are they going? (4:36)

Changes in the office space sector (6:13)

Are there any COVID deals available? (7:25)

Changes Esther is seeing in the way new tenants are operating in their office spaces (10:11)

Will the shrinking demand for urban location bring city prices down or suburban prices up? (12:40)

Different people will have different needs moving out of densely populated areas(14:44)

Resources for folks looking to make changes and what to look for in your criteria (17:10)


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