Charlotte and Alternative Investments w/ Billy Keels

Charlotte and Alternative Investments w/ Billy Keels

Many of us invest in real estate for the freedom and relative control that it provides. What if you could build a lifestyle that allows you to live wherever you want, invest wherever you want, and experience that freedom on your own terms? My guest this week is doing exactly that. Billy Keels is a fellow problem-solver, international real estate entrepreneur, author, mentor, and host of the Going Long Podcast.

Alternative Investments are a great compliment to your overall portfolio. Billy and I discuss some of the opportunities he’s found to compliment his real asset investing. We also discuss the Charlotte, NC MSA and what led Billy to invest there.

Key Points:

Billy shares his background and how he got into real estate (0:37)

How and why Billy selected the Charlotte, NC MSA (5:07)

Billy’s top two criteria for choosing a market (9:01)

Should you invest where you live, or choose a market strictly on investment criteria? (10:59)

If you are considering moving from part-time into full-time real estate, what is the best time to make that move? (14:15)

Billy shares his thoughts on what opportunities 2021 will bring and the investment landscape moving forward (15:57)

Opportunities in the energy sector for accredited investors (18:24)

Why types of underlying assets are in these energy investments? (21:35)

Thoughts around ESG investing and voting with your dollars (23:21)

How and why Billy got his capital working through ATM machines (24:10)

Billy Keels shares his thoughts on what is more important than money (27:22)

How to choose complimentary investments to benefit your real estate portfolio (28:43)


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