Boston and Small Multifamily w/ Willie Mandrell

Boston and Small Multifamily w/ Willie Mandrell

There’s a lot of value in being rooted in the town you’re investing in. You can keep a close eye on things, operate with excellence, and your portfolio will excel as a result. With this kind of base, you can then expand your operations thoughtfully and successfully. This is what today’s guest is doing. Willie J. Mandrell is a self-made multi-millionaire real estate investor, broker, coach, lecturer & author. As a buyer, seller, and broker he’s been involved with well over 200 million in real estate transactions. He has been featured in numerous trade magazines and he is a frequent guest on real estate and wealth related podcast, television, & radios shows across the US. Willie is the author of Cash Flow Secrets, a book on real estate investing & finance tips most people are never taught but need to know. We discuss the city of Boston, what makes it tick, and what it looks like to invest successfully in this type of market.

Key Points:

How and why Willie came into real estate (0:31)

How much should you allocate toward real estate and how much should you keep liquid? (4:06)

Willie’s favorite asset class (6:55)

Willie’s preferred investment, and how he applies the BRRR Strategy (8:02)

Willie shares his views on the Boston market and what he sees going forward (9:37)

What will it take for Boston rental rates to recover (13:51)

What other major employers affect the Boston rental market? (16:31)

What’s next for the Mandrell Company? (17:21)


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