Christopher D. Mills

Advisor. Investor. Entrepreneur.

About Me

What drives me is my family. I’m very blessed to have the friends and family that I do. I live in Northern Virginia with my wife and 3 wonderful children. I began investing when I lived in DC. I started a property management company once my portfolio got to a size where one was warranted. Once the company was running well, I started taking on other clients to help them with their local portfolios. Some of them had national portfolios, and they preferred my management to that of their managers elsewhere. I wasn’t interested in getting licensed in that many states, so I opted to switch to asset management, essentially managing property managers and optimizing portfolios. Asset management is key because if a property manager is not performing it can be detrimental to a portfolio. You can have great assets, but not make any money because of poor management. Over the years, I have gained experience as a wholesaler, loan originator, property manager, asset manager, and of course an investor. I have a heart to provide value wherever I can by putting that experience to work for you.

It’s said that you can look at someone’s checkbook and tell their priorities. Obviously, that’s an old saying. I can’t remember the last time I wrote a check. What you spend money on tells a lot about what matters most to you. Is it food? A hobby? Your child? Yourself? Investing is not merely a financial endeavor. Investing quality time into my relationships pays dividends. Investing in my garden helps my health. I love learning and educating myself, fitness, and clean eating. These are ways I invest in myself.

I love cooking, especially when it means cooking food that I grew. My father taught me to cook when I was young. I’m teaching my kids to cook. The kitchen and the table are probably the greatest catalysts for relationship, education, and communicating values that a family has. I’m grateful every day for my role in this process, and I don’t take a single day for granted.


  • Live

    On Purpose

  • Leave

    A Legacy

  • Seize

    Every Day

How I Work

I stand out in the financial services industry in a few ways. One way I stand out is my view on retirement. I dislike the idea of people saving up a “nest egg” and hoping they don’t outlive it. Instead of the goal being a lump sum, I prefer the strategy of building streams of income. Some of these streams of income can far outlive you, benefiting your heirs, businesses, and charitable beneficiaries.

You are the CEO of your business and/or your life. Even if you are a W2 employee, you are your own business, with one customer. Clients who hire me agree, and think of me as their CFO. It’s my job to plan out and help execute the financial side of their vision and goals.

I love vertical integration as a business growth strategy. Your productivity, your quality, and your bottom line can multiply when you increase control in each step of the process. Most of the businesses I’ve started have been a result of taking control of the end user’s experience of the product or service.